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(Actually you’re better off commenting on the site i keep forgetting to check this email. I do check it sometimes.)

This site is for all things futanari: rule 34,futa hentai porn,comics and videos, the video side is a bit lacking because i don’t have time to post all of these things by myself but i update the others almost daily. Enjoy.

People are commenting mostly on the front page so maybe post there instead. You can request futanari porn of certain shows or characters and ill most likely find some if i can and post it, It takes time though.

I’ve got a second blog for thick women with huge tits called, its smaller but cleaner in design.




44 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hey, what’s the background image? The nun blowing some futa? It looks really great, where can I find it / find more of it? Thanks a bunch, great site btw

  2. Do u have any website where all these character are female.
    Otherwise add a section which have females only.

  3. Where is the “how to” pictures. I want to learn how to finger and lick his asshole and prostate to make him cum like crazy. How do I peg him

      • Thanks im glad everyone seems to like the site for some reason lol

        yeah i like futanari, especially muscle futa and domination stuff but i havent had time to post much of those because people keep requesting things and theyre good ideas, i wish i was a millionaire so i could hire someone to post for me.

  4. Yo. Your website ads have become super invasive. The type that seem like malware. Wont be coming back if they stay this way.

    Popups asking me to dl stuff isnt acceptable

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      I don’t really mind what the ads say as long as people can click them away and then continue browsing without any more popups appearing which should be acceptable for a porn site, by default those popups dont even have a timer and just keep coming endlessly and i had to ask them to put a delay on them.

      But its a new ad and i just started testing it a few days ago, i havent seen any ACTUAL malware on my own phone at least. They seem fine and i’ve been able to close the ones i’ve seen with a x or close button.

      Looks like you were right, bad ad network.

  5. My dude, i would like to contribute but dont know how to. I have comics, captions, animations and games of futa on male and futa on others, half of it sorted and the other half not. Would it be helpful? I could upload it to a google drive and share it with futapogmail

    A fan

    • Hey glad you want to help but its easier for me to take comics from sites where they have the character names,show names and artist names, i can just copy those and its pretty easy. Hmm well if you have a pile of gifs i could definitely just post those, normally i write down all the info on those one by one in the filenames but whatever. Google Drive me if you got gifs, if they’re videos then nah i would have to check them.

      I’ve been thinking if maybe i should recruit someone to help me post but the way i do it is way too meticulous and thus a lot of work, but i could make a page where people can post pics,possibly. Might more trouble than its worth.

    • Somehow i missed this comment. Thanuki’s art is very good but mostly uncolored, they look like they might be fun to color if i had the time.

  6. Maybe I haven’t found it, but could you implement a search option to look for multiple tags (By that I mean, a post that has the 2 or more tags that we chose). Ex : I want the tag “futa on male” and “league of legends” so it would find posts with both tags a league of legends futa on male.

    Really nice website btw !

  7. Hi, this is a great site and I always do it when I’m from here. I just wanted to sber it if the site is updated very obliging to leave it on

    • I went through the Overwatch tag but cant find any problems, what do you mean? Maybe you need to refresh the pages with ctrl f5? Ive done big url changes on the entire blog.

  8. Thanks for putting this site up and keeping it updated, man. There’s a lot of stuff here that I would have to go to 5 or 6 different websites to get to, but having it all here is really convenient. I appreciate what you’re doing 😀

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