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Latest Comics:

Rent 3 with Variations by Rino99
Added 15 pics to:
Red Hot Riding Hood 1.2 Futa Comic by Rino99
[Touhou] Sperm Squeezing Record Futa Manga by Musashino Sekai
[Futa on Male][Horror] The Cursed Female Transformation Beach Manga by Inochi Wazuka
[The Flintstones] Rock Vegas Futa Comic by SquarePeg3D
[Marvel/DC] Heavy is the Head Futa Comic by SquarePeg3D
Lost Glory Futa Manga by Minase Yowkow
Futanari Mesugaki Manga by Minase Yowkow
[The Owl House] Amity’s Deal Futa Comic by Nsf Wario
[League of Legends] Daughter of the Void Futa Comic by Strong Bana
[Futa on Male][Final Fantasy]Tifa, Jessie & Cloud Comic by SalamandraNinja
Girls Beat! Plus – Ayu vs Hinano Futa Comic by The Nation of Head Scissors
[Futa on Male] Curtain Jerk Comic by Dsan
[Futa on Male] Secretly Doing This And That With My Futanari Girlfriend During A Date Manga by Sakuraba Rokusuke
She’s So Hot She Even Gives Women Boners! Futa Manga by Taira Rurit
[Futa on Male] A Futanari Older Sister Manga by Alpha Alf Layla
Prisoner of Love Futa Comic by Squarepeg3D
[God of War] Godly Offering Futa Comic by Squareped3D
[Futa on Male][Ace Attorney] A Book For People Wanting to be Dicked Down by a Futanari Franziska Manga by Yuma
Saiin Curriculum 2 – Futanari Tomoochi Mahou Shoujo Kaizou Keikaku Futa Manga by Dodameyasan
Side Dishes 9 Futa Comic by Transmorpher DDS
Suppressor Falls to Depravity Exterminator Miko Turns into a Slutty Futanari Oni Manga by Minase Yowkow
Paradise Butterfly Fourth Form Futa Manga by Puripuri JET
A Dark Elf and a Mandrake Futa Manga by Kanten
[Futa on Male][Final Fantasy] Jessie & Cloud Comic by SalamandraNinja
[Futa on Male][Genshin Impact] Futanari Senyou Tabibito Clinic Manga by Otori Deko
Oh i’ve actually forgotten to post my favorite hentai manga and someone has colored it:
Manin Densha Crowded Train Futa Manga by Gura Nyuutou
Gura Nyuutou Category
I upscaled and sharpened an old comic i like, i hope it looks good because i might do more. The one marked with a “b” is my version i did manually, the one marked with “c” i did with a free trial to an AI upscaler and it did an ok job, the art is really sharp but changed a little. Original is last: Ana Hole Futa Hentai Manga by Gura Nyuutou
Becoming a Futanari Android Futa Manga by Meshi Ninja
Turned Into A Futanari, The Hero Of Justice Falls Manga by Meshi Shinja
[Futa on Male] Beastman Forced to Lick the Hole of a Mature Woman Manga by Kuraren Su
[Futa on Male][Dragon Quest] Futa Quest 1,2 and 3 Manga by Musashino Sekai
[Girls und Panzer] Mom… We Grew a Penis! Futa Manga by Zen9
Added some pics (8) to the start of this one, they might be from different comics though? they were in the same album i found:
[Futa on Male] Mother Me Manga by Isaki
[Futa on Male] Shemale Juku Orc to Shonen Elf no Nyoudou Chinpo Gyaku Rape Hentai Manga by Kuraren Su
[Futa on Male] Monster Girl Quest! Luka’s Maid Training Comic by Kikuichi Monji
[Futa on Male] Futanari Room Share Manga by Pal Maison
Space Kitty Drive Futa Comic by Gofa
Succubus Teacher FILE.01 The Energetic Succubus Futa Manga by Ponkichi
Celine and Lyssa Futa Comic by Greivs
[Scooby Doo] Plot Twist Futa Comic by Norasuko
[Futa on Male][Fate/Grand Order] Winner Winner Wiener Dinner Manga by Mikoyan
[Soul Calibur] Taki-san no H na Hon Futa Manga by Mikoyan
[Futa on Male] #DestroyDickDecember with Tommie Comic by Dsan
[Futa on Male][Helluva Boss] Moxxie Family Bonding Comic by Carliabot
[Bleach] Futanari Arc Part 1 Comic by Snickerz
[One Piece] Fallen Butterfly Smoothie Training Chapter Futa Manga by Saketanuki
[Spider-Man] Into the Breeder-Verse Futa Comic by Transmorpher Dds
[Girls und Panzer] Calming a Panzer High 4 Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
One Piece Wano Diaries Futa Comic by GNAW
[Futa on Male][Danny Phantom] Emotional Support Comic by SmedArt
Brittany – Good Girls Gone Bimbo Futa Comic by Porcoro
[Futa on Trap] Meg and Tomo Manga by Shinozaki Rei
Naughty Neighbour Futa Comic by Porcoro
Futanari Days With a Twist Futa Manga by Aoba q Madou
Milk Fetish: Milady’s Endless Edging Masturbation Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
Spa Day Futa Comic by ZoomQo
The Fake Futanari Bitch Stand Toilets Futa Manga by Meshi Shinja
Futanari Kouhai ni Onaho Atsukai Sareru Ki ga Suru Manga by Ago
Working at the Futanari Beach Police 2 Manga by Aoba Q Madou
Eru and Aoi’s Photo Shoot Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
[Naruto] Narufuta 4 Part 1 and 2 Futa Comic by Snickerz
Futanari Triple Shot Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
Pearl Necklace Futa Comic by Lemonfont
[League of Legends] I don’t mind if It’s a unrequited love. But I want to kiss you at least once!! Futa Comic by Strong Bana
[League of Legends] Kindred Futa Comic by Strong Bana
Futanari x Tongue Pussy Lucky Lewd Futa Manga by Tsubame
The Incredible Burg! Futa Comic by NotZackForWork
Updated [Futa on Male] MHA Comic by Snickerz
Willow’s Outdoor Adventures Part 1-3 Futa Comic by Mrbooshmaster
A Boy and His Familiar Ch.5 Odd Couple Futa Comic by BrknPncl
Lift & Separate Chapter 3 Futa Comic by Notzackforwork
Red Hot Riding Hood 1.2 Futa Comic by Rino99
[Fairy Tail] Sisterly Love Futa Comic by A1ibaba
Advances of a Dick-Girl Futa Manga by Condessa
The 32 Year Old Businesswoman Futa Masturbates Before Her Business Trip Manga by Condessa
Tomoko Futanari Chinpo Futa Manga by Chiku
Drugged to Futanaridom Part 1 Manga by Huuten
Drugged to Futanaridom Part 2 Manga by Huuten
Ikken Majimena Kurokami Hentai Manga by Chinbotsu
[Futa on Male] Beyond Manga by Aian
Ogre Vs Dark Elf – Ogre Mating Season Manga by Mikoyan
Drugged to Futanaridom Part 3 Manga by Huuten
[Futa on Male] The Times We Play With Our Valentine’s Day Presents Manga by Sakuraba Rokusuke
[Futa on Male] Scarlett – The Rich Mommy Comic by Otto Cubze
[Futa on Male] Demon Shemale Wife Manga by Huuten
[Futa on Male] Sensei Manga by Umemotsuzou
[Futa on Male] Matching App Matching Manga by Chinbotsu
[Futa on Male] Fixing the Relationship Comic by Red7cat
Substantial Futa Comic by Dsan
[Futa on Male] My Gym Partner is a Stacked Tomboy Comic by Dsan
[Futa on Male][Persona 5] Futaket 16.5 Temparing Genteibon Manga by Tokimachi Eisei
[Futa on Male][Guilty Gear] I-No Comic by Rampage
[Futa on Male] Tatsumi-san’s Fantasy Manga by Shinozaki Rei
[Futa on Male] Mom’s Revenge Remake Comic by Reddyheart
[Futa on Male] TRAPtuber Live Comic by Lungnut
[Futa on Male][Tales of Arise] If You Get Too Close My XXX Is Going To Cum! Manga Tokimachi Eisei
[Futa on Male] MHA Comic by Snickerz
[Futa on Male][Granblue Fantasy] Gra-byuru!! Chinchin Ketsu-ana Bu Manga by Shimuro
[Girl Futa and Male] Orcs Concubine Comic by Rino99
[Futa on Male] Hairu Mae wa Shinyuu deshita Manga by Shrimp Cake
[Futa on Male] Let’s have a NEW employee Comic by Ember Cool
[Futa on Male] Futanari Jo Deriheru Jou Ga Manga by Alpha Alf Layla
The Queen of Penis Colored Futa Manga by Gekka Kaguya
Joint Futanari Practice 5R Futanari Only Nap Salon Manga by Aoba Q Madou
[Danmachi] Amazoness Chocolate Knight Tione Futa Manga by Ryunosuke
Vengeful Elf Liselotte ZERO 2 Manga Ryunosuke
Vengeful Elf Liselotte Zero 3 Futa Manga by Ryunosuke
[Genshin Impact] Raiden Shogun Futa Manga by Atelier30
[Genshin Impact] Ayaka Futa Manga by Atelier30
[Fate/Grand Order] Crossdressing and Getting Fucked by Futanari Alters to Learn the Pleasures of Being a Woman Manga by Aimaitei Umami
Streets of Rage – Breaking Estel Futa Comic by Rampage
The Mystery Potion Futa Manga by Aya Shobon
Magical Girl Semen Training System 3 Manga by PX-Real
[Warcraft] Feel it in the Gutfucker Futa Comic by Shia
[Warcraft] Nanako & Snow First Time Futa Comic by Uthstar
[Fate Stay Night] B-Trayal 34 + Extras Manga by Merkonig
Teen Titans Futa Comic by Snickerz
Futa Witch Ecstasy Ch. 2-3 Manga by Bonnari
Nippon Futa OL Futa Manga by Kakugari Kyoudai
Magical Girl Semen Training System Futa Manga by PX-Real
[Cells at Work] White Blood Cell Secret Futa Manga by Mikoyan
Tsuiteru Attached Decensored Futa Manga by Shirabe Shiki
Nyanners irresponsibly creampies Veibae on stream Comic by Salmontofu
[Naruto] FutaSara Comic by Oreomanko
[Naruto][Ongoing] Tsunade Teaches Sakura A Hard Lesson Futa Comic by Afrobull
Zenra de Futanari Beach Volley Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
[Steven Universe] Pearl Autofootjob Futa Comic by Staerk
Boyfriend to Girlfriend Bully Galore Futa Manga by Kouki Kuu
The School Of Hard Throbs Futa Manga by Bonnari
[Futa on Male] Futanari Mommy Daycare Comic by AhoyKoi
[Futa on Male][Ben 10] Gwen 10 Comic by Snickerz
[Futa on Male] Futanari ni Natte Shimatta Tajimusho Manager no Watashi ga Eroero Beast de Wadai no Idol Tsunashi Ryunosuke-san to Himitsu no Shitagi Trade Manga by Tokimachi Eisei
[Futa on Male] SweetEdda vol.08 Inma-ka Hen Manga by Loki
Prison Female Version Comic by Alek Erectsociety
[Futa on Male] Prison Comic by Alek Erectsociety
[Futa on Male] Abominable Snowmother Comic by Alek ErectSociety
Jade’s Weak Spot Futa Comic by Lewdua
Karen Showing Nessie The Truth Futa Comic by Lewdua
Nessie Alone in the Apartment Futa Comic by Lewdua
Secret Lover at Night Futa Comic by Lewdua
Nessie and Karen Christmas Comic by Lewdua
The Next Morning at Jades Comic by Lewdua
[Ongoing] Lola The Potion Seller Futa Comic by Lewdua
At Jades Futa Comic by Lewdua
[Street Fighter] Catch and Release Futa Comic by SquarePeg3D
Alice at the Beach Futa Comic by Lewdua
Several Years Ago Futa Comic by Lewdua
At the Park – Natasha and Alice Futa Comic by Lewdua
Nessie and Valerie in the Subway Futa Comic by Lewdua
Natasha Trying Again… – Natasha and Alison Futa Comic by Lewdua
Iris and Morgan Futa Comic by Lewdua
Warm massage – Nessie and Karen Futa Comic by Lewdua
2nd Round – Alison and Natasha Futa Comic by Lewdua
Teaching Two Sisters Futa Comic by Lewdua
David and Natasha Futa Comic by Lewdua
[Futa on Male] My Boyfriend is My Pet 1-2 Comic by MARE
BCC Chapter 37: Sapphic Sweating Futa Comic by Transmorpher DDS
[League of Legends] KDA Set Comic by SueFantasy3DX
Yakata no Nichijou Futa Manga by Kamata
[Dragon Quest] Imouto ga Shorigakari Futa Manga by Misonou
Portal Mitai na Yatsu Manga by Lemon Snail
[She-Ra] ] If You Were Less Boring Your Daughter Wouldn’t Be Pregnant Futa Comic by NSFAni
Amazonian Care Futa Comic by Suefantasy3D
Triple Care Futa Comic by SueFantasy3DX
Date With Principal Futa Comic by Serge3dx
Seishori Maid ni Sareta Ore Futa Manga by Kanmuri
Miss Kobayashi, I’m Obsessed with your Cock Futa Manga by DevilTokyo
Unfinished League Futa Comic by Zaunderground
[Futa on Male] Monster Girl Quest! – Luka’s Maid Training Manga by Kikuichi Monji
Yononaka Zenin Otokonoko ni Natteita! Aitsu ni Ijirarete Shasei Shite Shimatta Ore Futa Manga by Execio
[Futa on Male] Futanari JK Naria-chan Manga by akiAmare
[Futa on Male] Futanari Friends! 01 Manga by Kasuga Mayu
[Futa on Male] The Futanari Witch’s Forest Manga by Bekobeko
[Futa on Male] Futanari JK DeliHeal-jou Hentai Do-M Choukyou Nikki Manga by Alpha Alf Layla
[Trap on Male] Otokonoko to xx No. 4 Shinshutsu Kibotsu no Shikijou Musume Manga by Silver Radish
[Futa on Male][Fire Emblem] The Lovebirds Wedding Night Manga by Aimaitei Umami
[Futa on Male] Penetrating Date Comic by Nobody in Particular
Sueoki Onaho no Tsukumogami Sue-san Futa Manga by Chinbotsu
Dick Girls Life Futa Manga by Chinbotsu
[One Piece] Bloom Pirate Hooker Queen Futa Manga by Chinbotsu and Rebis
Futanari Roshutsu Mania 4 Manga by Kurenai Yuuji
A Professors Theory on Love and Sex Reassignment Surgery Futa Manga by Kakashi Asahiro
[Touhou] Love Love Book of Eirin’s Mushroom With Kaguya and Udonge Futa Manga by Musashino Sekai
[Street Fighter] You-doku Futa Manga by Midoh Tsukasa
Goku Ippan teki na Oyako Seikatsu Futa Manga by Yokkora
Chijo de Injuu Futa Manga by RADIOHEAD
The Corporate Tool Futa Comic by Incase
[Futa on Male] A Story of Fooling Around with My Futanari Girlfriend Manga by Kurenai Yuuji
[Medaka Box] Laboratory Animals + Hermaphroditism = Passion Manga by Ebisu
[Smile Precure] Futanao x Reikan Manga by Joy Ride
[Evangelion] Flowers Breaking Through My Soul Manga by Kawaraya A-ta
[Futa on Male] Futanari Musume ni Okasarechau 1 Manga by Kurenai Yuuji
[Madoka Magica] Tight Rope Futa Manga by Flowerchild
[Futa on Male] My Wife Is a Futanari Manga by Pirinegi
[Onechanbara] RenZetsu Sisters 2 Futa Manga by Oneekyou
[Totally Spies] GloryHole Much? Comic by DTiberius
[Evangelion] Princess and the Slave Manga by Kawaraya A-ta
[Evangelion] Welcome Home 2 Futa Manga by Kawaraya a-ta
NIPPON NINE Futa Manga by Kakugari Kyoudai
Kyousei Shasei Switch Futa Manga by Jajala
[Dragon Ball] Series Android No. 18 and No. 21 Futa Manga by Higashi Chinta
A Big Dick Futanari JK’s Mating Manga by Blacktan
Blowjobs with a Futanari JK Manga by Blacktan
Mother’s Desire Futa Comic by Serge3dx
Fallout Unsheltered Squadron 32 Futa Comic by The Kite
Special Duty Squadron Colorful Force Futa Manga by Gekka Kaguya
Futanari Teacher’s Non-Education Guidance Manga by Chimeda
[Avatar] Korra Book One Futa Comic by Caiman2
[Street Fighter] Seigi no Daishou 2 Futa Manga by Akane Shuuhei
[Prison School] Ano Budou wa Suppai ni Chigainai Futa Manga by Akane Shuuhei
Gegege no Nyoninbou Jigoku Manga by Hinokawa Jun
Vampire Rinko Female Slave Sex Harem Manga by Circle Sigma
[Demon Slayer] Kochou Shinobu Style Futanari Breathing Technique Manga by Tokitsu Mika
[Azur Lane] 2D Comic Magazine Futanari Shokushu Sakusei Shasei Kairaku ni Oboreru Heroine-tachi Vol. 2 Manga by Hisui
[Futa on Trap] Crossdressing and Getting Fucked by Futanari Alters to Learn the Pleasures of Being a Woman Manga by Aimaitei
[Futa on Trap] Mesuiki Switch Konna Kawaii Ko ga Otokonoko na Wake Nai‼ Manga by Dendou Monaka
[Futa on Male][Furry] Stacy and Company Clocking In Comic by Peculiart
[Futa on Male] Construction Worker Miyuki-San Manga by Pal Maison
[Futa on Male] Osugaki ga Futanari Inma ni Wakaraserareru Hon Manga by Doro
[Futa on Male][Mass Effect] Dont drink at the Afterlife or… Comic by Ynsichi
[Futa on Male] Ximena Comic by Anasheya
[Futa on Male] Spider-Man New Home Welcome Part 1 Comic by Ahii
[Futa on Male] Staff Service Revisit 2020 Comic by Nobody in Particular
[Futa on Male][Naruto] Narufuta Tsunade Comic by Snickerz
TSF Monogatari APPEND 5.0 Futa Manga by ShindoL
Attached Futa Manga by Shirabe Shiki
[Futa on Male] Behaviour Plus Issue 9 Manga by Amanoja9
[Futa on Male][Zelda] Urbosa’s Fury Comic by Snickerz
[Evangelion] REDLEVEL5 Futa Manga by Shinkuu Tatsuya
[Ghost in the Shell] REDLEVEL7 Futa Manga by Shinkuu Tatsuya
[Street Fighter] POISON Futa Manga by Chinbotsu
Phallic Girls 3 Futa Manga by Dulce Q
[Evangelion] Please Punish Me Futa Manga by Kawaraya A-ta
[Smile Precure] An Afternoon Liaison with My Naughty Dear Futa Manga by Minazuki Juuzou
[Futa on Male] Futanari Musume ni Okasarechau! 3 Manga by Kurenai Yuuji
[Atelier Lilie] The Alchemist of Salburg 3 Futa Manga by Gekka Kaguya
That Cutie is a Predatory Futanari Girl Ch. 1 Futa Manga by Teterun
[Futa on Male] Oni’s Club Comic by Dsan
Tropical! Banana Carnival Futa Manga by Chinbotsu
[Kantai Collection] I Told You Supply Depot, This Tenryuu Belongs to You!! Futa Manga by Dam Loba
Locking Horns II Futa Comic by Norasuko
[My Life as a Teenage Robot] XJ-9 and the Glory Hole Futa Comic by Zetaskully
[Fate/Grand Order] CHALDEA MANIA – Trio Brown Futa Manga by Bear Hand
[X-Men] Abuse of Power Futa Comic by SquarePeg3D
School Futanari Strikers Futa Manga by Nita Ken
Futa Sex Alice I-II-III-IV-V Manga by Dulce-Q
[Street Fighter] Mouthful of Poison Futa Comic by Squarepeg3d
[Teen Titans] Starfire Face Fucks Raven Futa Comic by Shadman
[Kantai Collection] Soredemo Kimi o Goei Suru Futa Manga by Dam Labo
Yoga Futa Comic by Orcbarbies
MILFs Needs Futa Comic by Serge3dx
[Furry][Futa on Male] Nutty November Futa Comic by Peculiart
[Overwatch] Hacked Contract Futa Comic by Pokilewd
[Furry][Futa on Male] Caffeine Rush Futa Comic by Peculiart
Outside of the Ring Home Movies Futa Comic by SquarePeg3d
[Futa on Male][Naruto] Narufuta Comic by Snickerz
[Futa on Male] Erik the Brave Comic by Boobsgames
[DC Comics] Harley x Supergirl Futa Comic by Rigid3d
[DC Comics] Gotham Threesome Futa Comic by Rigid3d
[Resident Evil] Jill x Futa Tyrants Comic by Rigid3d
[Touhou] Yuugi no Yori Yoi Seiseikatsu Futa Manga by Sora wa Chimidoro
[Futa on Male][Fate/Grand Order] I Wanna Eat Sleep-Deprived Stuffy Futa Cock Manga by Aimaitei
Otaku Gyaru VS Us Futa Manga by Itami
[Futa on Male][Gundam ZZ] Lady Haman’s Universal Cocktury Manga by Itami
[Futa on Male] Futanari Kyokon Kuro Gal Kanojo to Benkyou Oheya Date da to Omottara Soku Onaho Atsukai Fukujuu Gyaku Anal nante.. Manga by Aimaitei Umami
[Futa on Male] Futanarix Touhou – Mayohiga Hen Futanari Touhou Mayohiga-Chapter Manga by Musashino Sekai
[Futa on Male] Me and my Two Senpais – Ep 3 & 4 Manga by Pal Maison
Principal Lesson Futa Comic by Serge3dx
Short Futa Comics by Afrobull
A Dumb Comic by Afrobull
[Futa on Male] Tayla Of Genesis Comic by Kizaru3D
[Final Fantasy] Futanari Doutei Tifa San Junjou Inran Mesuchinpo Kairaku Ochi + Paper Manga by Greentea
[Final Fantasy] Futanari Doutei Tifa Inran Mesuchinpo Kairaku ochi Manga by Greentea
[Arknights] Texas×Exusiai Futa Manga by Kataokasan
[Final Fantasy] Futanari Doutei Tifa Go -Kakusei- Inran Mesuchinpo Kairaku Ochi Manga by Greentea
[Final Fantasy] Futanari Virgin Tifa Falls Prey to Pleasure Futa Manga by Samurai Ninja GREENTEA
[Final Fantasy] Scarlet Evening Futa Comic by SueFan3DX
[Final Fantasy] Materia x Girl Futa Manga by Ash Yokoshima
Underground Sex Fight Club Futa Manga by Chinbotsu
Scooby Doo Futa Comic by Aroma Sensei
[Final Fantasy] The Inspector Futa Comic by Aroma Sensei
A Futanari JK and Sensei’s Raw Mating Sex by Blacktan
[Overwatch] Tracer’s No Nut November Futa Comic by Chainsmok3r
Boku to Futanari Joi no Nyotaika Chiken Manga by Katou Jun
[Touhou] Shiki tsuma Ran-sama R Manga by Nf4
[Final Fantasy]A Night for Girls Across the Worlds Futa Manga by Aika
FutaSketch Futanari Friends 10 Manga by Dulce-Q
Futanari Nanode Gakkou Seikatsu ga Fuan desu 5 Manga by Dulce-Q
School Ghost Stories Futa Manga by Dulce-Q
Futanari Santa came to visit! Manga by Orenji
G-cup Kyokon Doutei Shojo na Seisokei Futanari Onee-san ga Hajimete no SEX
[Futa on Male] The Girl You Like is… Comic by Muchin
[Futa on Male] Futana Najimi Manga by Z-ton
[Futa on Male][Fate Grand/Order] Fuuki o Mamoru Hon Manga by Anoshabu
[Futa on Male] Ore wa Omae no Yowami o Nigitte by Umemotsuzou
[Futa on Male][Fire Emblem] Safflower Honeymoon Manga by Mugen no Sudadokei
Otonano Omochiya Vol. 14 Futa Manga by Hirokawa
[Steven Universe] The Doctor Is In Comic by Incogneato
[Star Wars] Two Tweaks Ahsoka and Chuch Futa Comic by VegaVersio
[Adventure Time] Bubbleline XXX Comic by Gekasso
Innocent Futa’s Sexual Awakening Ch.1 Comic by 420futa
[Futa on Male] SweetEdda Vol. 7 Succubus Transformation Chapter – The Seeker of Succubi, Interesse Manga by Loki
[Touhou] Patyu-Min Futa Manga by Ouma Tokiichi
[Futa on Male] Danjo Gyakuten Ninkatsu Manga by Setouchi
Why Are You at the Futanari Salon? Futanari Friends! 13 Manga by Dulce-Q
Seisou Kouki Sacred Flare -Kutsujoku no Kyousei Fukujuu Sennou Futa Manga by Ikameshi
[Konosuba] B-Trayal 29 Sylvia Futa Manga by Merkonig
[Futa on Male][Fate/Grand Order] Dickgirl Siren’s Motherly Dick Manga Tokimachi Eisei
[Futa on Male][idolish7] My Penis Wants to Fawn on Him Manga by Tokimachi Eisei
[Futa on Male][Fate/Grand Order] A Book About Falling For Gudako’s Reverse Anal Pleasure Manga by Ardens
[Futa on Male] Haeteru Sensei ni Ochuusha Saretai Manga by Inochi Wazuka
Futanari Bitch Gal wa Suki desu ka 2 Futa Manga by Nobuhiro
Futanari Bitch Gal wa Suki desu ka Futa Manga by Nobuhiro
The Queen of Penis Futa Manga by Gekka Kaguya
Mary’s First Time 1 and 2 Futa Comic by Agent Red Girl
The Hero Father’s Downfall Through Gender-Bending, in the Hands of his Son, the Demon Lord Manga by Itami
Lady Cock Knight and Her Princess Futa Manga by Itami
Straight Girl Meets Futa Manga by Itami
[Yu-Gi-Oh] CYBER R AREA Futa Manga Kaitou Yuuhi
Mahoushoujyo Rensei System EP2 Futa Manga by PX-Real
[Futa on Male] Tower of the Masochistic Mage Futa Comic by DSan
[Touhou] Udonge Youmu no Futanari Manga by Maru Sun
[Futa on Male][Fire Emblem] Daisuki na Sensei o Oyome-san ni Manga by Erutasuku
[Demon Slayer] Mitsuri-chan’s Futanari Incident Manga by Pastachin
Bathing Report at the Futanari Hot Springs Futa Manga by Aoba Q Madou
Working at the Futanari Beach Police Manga by Aoba Q Madou
Picture My Heart Futa Manga by Gaikiken
[DBZ] Dragon Road Futa Manga by Miracle Ponchi Matsuri
Paid Plan Benefits Futa Manga by Tetsujinex
Kaettekita WotaSir no Kuro Gyaru VS Boku Futa Manga by Itami
[Futa on Male] Bocchidatta Boku ga Futanari Musume ni Kouryaku sareru Ohanashi Manga by Nyuuhin
Alphas Futa Comic by Eternalsalt
The RWBY Crew’s Running Late For The Halloween Party Futa Comic by Fakery Way
Valkyria Report – Futanari Chronicles Manga by Marnic
Nora vs The RWBY Girls Futa Comic by Mr Estella
Naruto Futa Comic by Aroma Sensei
[Ongoing] Open Season Futa Comic by Marmalade Mum
Nier Automata Futa Comic by Witchking00
Karen’s No Nut November Futa Comic by Fellatrix
Dark Mother 3 & 4 Futa Comics by Witchking00
Dark Mother 1 & 2 Futa Comics by Witchking00
[Futa on Male] Uta x Masaru Halloween Futanari Pervert Train Manga by Kuraya
[Futa on Trap] Otokonoko ga Futanari JK DeliHeal o Yondara Byou de Mesu Ochi shichaimashita by Alpha Alf Layla
[Futa on Male] Becoming An Onahole For My Futanari Mistress Manga by Penguindou
[Futa on Male][Gundam] Haman-sama’s Space Genitals Manga by Hibon
[Futa on Male] Inmakon no Nie Tsui Manga by Kitahara Eiji
[Warcraft] The Fall of Jaina Proudmoore Futa Comic by Adoohay
Futa Comics by Itchyears
Super Special Halloween Futa Comic by Witchking00
Sumer Pool Party 2 Futa Comic by Witchking00
Bowsette Parts 1,2 and 3 Futa Comic by Witchking00
Smash Bros Extreme Futa Comic by Witchking00
Androids Fight!!! Android 18 VS 2B Futa Comic by Witchking00
My Neighbor Stachiko Futa Comic by Dsan
[Futa on Male] Cup O Love Vintage Comic by Dsan
Secret of Planet X 2 Futa Comic by Shinkaiproject
Secret of Planet X 3 Futa Comic by Shinkaiproject
[Ongoing] Futa and Adv: Demon City and Futa Goblin Alchemist Comics by Axxx
Alternative Night #1 – NTR Night Futa Comic by Aya Yanagisawa
[League of Legends] Sinful Succulence Futa Comic by Strong Bana
[Avatar] Toph Heavy Futanari Comic by Morganagod
[Dragons Crown] Amazons Guild Futa Comic by Loonyjams
Bikini Knight Liona – Naga Queen Futa Comic by GoldCrustedChicken
[Gumball] Blue Moms Futa Comic by Ike Marshall
Shadow of the Moon Futa Comic by Bakuhaku
[Futa on Male] Ork and Elf Boy CH1 Comic by Gen2alltheway
[Futa on Male] Futanari Body Salon Futanari Friends! 12 Manga by Dulce-Q
[Futa on Male][Granblue Fantasy] I Want Your Virginity Tonight, Percival Manga by Aimaitei Umami
[Futa on Male] Classmate no Futanarikko 2 After School by Nmasse
A Certain Futanari Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records – Chapter 3 Manga by RED-RUM
A Certain Futanari Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records – Chapter 2 Manga by RED-RUM
Futa Ona SEASON 2 Chapter 1 Manga by RED-RUM
Straight Girl Meets Futa The First Date Manga by Itami
Otaku Gyaru VS. Me Futa Manga by Itami
Hataraki Ari Futa Comics
[Touhou Project] Together With a Futa Youkai Manga by Hasunoue Baitsu
[Futa on Male][Re:Creators] Shounin Itadakimashita 1 Manga by Soujiro
[Precure] There is No Twinkle Futa Manga by Sugarbt
Little Futa Riding Hood Futa Manga by Landolt Tamaki
Futanari Tokunou Milk Server 3 Futa Manga by Landolt Tamaki
Futanari Tokunou Milk Server 4 Futa Manga by Landolt Tamaki
Futanari Tokunou Milk Server 5 Futa Manga by Landolt Tamaki
Futanari Tokunou Milk Server 6 Futa Manga by Landolt Tamaki
[Yandere][Dokidoki Precure] When Rikka Teases MakoPi’s Sprung Dick, It Just Keeps Coming Futa Manga by Yameta Takashi
[Yandere] The Idolmaster Modaeru Futa Manga by Gekka Kagya
[Yandere][Prison School] The Belle and Flower in Prison Futa Manga by Kuroharuto
[Yandere] Futanari Kikaikan Seieki o Shiboritsukusu Kikai Zeme Jigoku!! Vol. 1 Futa Manga by C.R
[Yandere] The Dream of Mad Morpho Butterflies Futa Manga by Usagi Nagomu
Cyberpunk Futa Comic by Miro



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