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Welcome to Futapo!

These thumbnails are the tags for hentai porn in the Futa Blog and you can now find the latest comics/manga from the Futanari Comics section and updates about Futa Videos in the new News page. Animated Gifs are in the blog and you can write comments in the bottom of this page.

Featured tags from the Rule 34 Blog:   

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News is here now.

If you post links down here in the comments they will appear after ive approved them.




457 thoughts on “Welcome to Futapo!

  1. yo. love your work (this web)
    1 maybe you can make a random button that would generate random futa where you can also ad tags
    not needed and dont know how difucult it is a try is good.

  2. Hey Zhaque,
    can you add a section for Zheng?
    His work is literally amazing so I kinda wanna see a separate section for him.
    And as always thanks for your HARD work. XD

    • Oh right yeah its definitely a good idea Zheng has a lot of rule 34 which is good for the site, i was thinking about doing it next.

  3. Oh my! I’m really loving this blog! A lot of high quality material here :3
    I tried to do a futanari blog too a long time ago, but i’ve always droped it, never took seriously. Hope you keep on doing this good work for a long time ^^

    • Hi thanks! yeah its a lot of work to try to do every day,probably more than people think because i like to look for high quality images and write down artist names in the files,my fingers actually hurt. 🙂

      Its amazing how much futanari porn is being made every day i could never post it all.

  4. Ayo Zhaque!
    There isn’t a tag for rikolo. Please add one ASAP.
    (I am being forced to look for them one by one. 😭)

    • Already did that so we gotta wait for more. I will post some other videos, probably futa on male and something else.

  5. Hey man, been here for maybe over a year now. Amazing to see how much new stuff has been added. Keep up the great work! 👍