Affect3D Trailers


The Affect3D site has a large community creating 3d hentai porn and a good amount of it is futanari, many of their videos are much longer than the 3d animations that you can find on the internet and good quality as well, they also have games like my personal favorite Brittany Home Alone, there is a trailer in the link and the game works on android phones. This is a collection of those futa trailers and a couple extra non-futa videos. 4 new extra videos here.



I would recommend you check out Girlfriends 4 Ever, Eralin and Meralin or some solo futa masturbation: Brittany’s Joy Ride.

To find them click on this banner, click on animations -> animations -> full-length. There are more trailers you can watch there, but it would be better for me if you bought something 🙂



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