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These thumbnails are the tags for hentai porn in the Futa Blog and you can now find the latest comics/manga from the Futanari Comics section and updates about Futa Videos in the new News page. Animated Gifs are in the blog, and you can write comments in the bottom of this page.

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Featured tags from the Rule 34 Blog:   

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678 thoughts on “Welcome to Futapo!

  1. I havent been able to do requests because i’ve been working on the new video server (for more space) but its ready now and im posting the futa on male videos i collected soon.

  2. o-m-g im so happy i did find a page like this, i hope i could donate you but unfortunately i can’t the only thing a can do y thank you for making such an amazing job with this, much love.

    Also if it’s possible more mlp pls c:

  3. Thx been here since you made the site personal question do you like the anime/light novel problem children are coming from another world aren’t they

    • Usually i watch ALL trashy isekai anime and it sounds like one of those, but somehow i’ve missed that one. I guess ill take a look. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Zhaque! Just keep with the good work, your making some good for some people like me. Enjoying the page so much, thank you!

    • Glad to hear you like it! Not many people comment here, they must be doing something else πŸ™‚

      I haven’t completed all requests down here, but ill hopefully get to them.

  5. The only 3 requests I have are:

    Futa Upskirts / Futa Pantyshots, more Futa images and Futa animations that have beautiful scenery both morning and at night, more Futa images and Futa animations that have Futas masturbating.

  6. https://futapo.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Turk128-Rosalina-Ganon-Link-Kazuya-Mishima-Mona-Sami-Samus-Waluigi-Wario.jpeg

    Hey zhaque, I need some clarification on this image.

    I have liked futanari for a long time and I don’t want my perception of futanari to be ruined.

    Turk128’s hentai image shows nine characters. 4 or 5 of them are Woman characters. Turk128 knows that Futanari is Women who have penises because that is the Woman character Samus who is a Futa in the image.

    But Link gets fucked by the Futa and a Male character. It doesn’t help that Link is sitting close to the Futa.

    Is that the Male version of Link? Or is that the Female version of Link? Because Link looks very girlish in the image.

    I’m getting mixed signals and I’m getting nervous. I hope there is No secret meaning to this image.

    I’m only going overboard about this because this image makes it seem like Futanari is Yaoi and Futas are actually Men. Man and Woman who has a penis fucking the same Man in the same image, that can’t be good.

    Or am I just getting all worked up over nothing? and there is no secret meaning to this image?

    Images LIKE this is what I’m talking about and I’m surprised images LIKE this have not ruined Futanari for you

    • Yes its an confusing image but there is no need to have a crisis about it. πŸ™‚ I try to post good high quality pics but i do it as fast as i can so mistakes happen, but in the end… a hole’s a hole. They’re just drawings and fantasy.

      Futanari right now is in general a blanket term for all (drawn and 3d art) dickgirls on the internet because language changes.

    • I dont know if i want to have artist tags anymore unless they’re just like “the best off” posts or a seperate page where i just dump it all.

    • Sorry i dont really want to put a thousand comics in pdf and then insert them into a thousand pages unless everyone reeeally needed it or if there was some easy way to do it. I like to spend time posting content every day if i can πŸ™‚

      i guess i can think about it.

  7. Thanks for all the requests ill look at them after im done with gifs and whatever is popular right now like Purah from Zelda, Diablo 4 and… Resident Evil?

  8. I like Futanari and I think it is okay, but I don’t know what is so special about it and I don’t understand why it’s getting all of this hype and attention for it. It’s just Girls with penises.

    What about that is worthy of all this hype?

    Futanari has been one of the most hyped up things in hentai for the past 10+ years. Entire websites dedicated to Futanari (like this one Futapo). Futanari has a big fan base. Futanari videos have millions of views on video porn websites (Xhamster, PornHub, etc.). Futanari has over a million hentai images for it.

    • Turns out, people have a fetish for girls with big dicks.
      It’s not hyped up. The fan base is simply huge and dedicated ig.

  9. Damn,
    Zhaque you’re the best man.
    You never let us down. Truly, thanks.
    I suddenly felt this urge to appreciate your effort and to apologise for asking you to do something this troublesome (I asked you for the Disney futas).

  10. Hello Zhaque, why did that person put the word Yaoi in that image of bowsette? it was in Mario futa princesses 2 or 3 or 4.

    Futanari is not yaoi and yaoi is not futanari.

    Yaoi means the male/boy/man version of gay where it’s men having sex with other men and for solo images/gifs (only 1 character) it’s men doing sexual stuff by themselves or being shown off in a sexual way.

    Futanari is Female/Woman/Girl characters who have real penises and real testicles.

      • And isn’t Bowsette the Female version of Bowser in human form?

        Bowser(Male)β†’Bowsette (Female)

        I mean that still counts as Futanari since it is a Female. So you were in the right putting that image on this website.

        I just wanted to know why the artist put the word Yaoi in the image.

        The word Yaoi should never be used for anything Futanari related. Futanari β†’ Female.
        Yaoi β†’ Male.

      • And the only reason I’m going overboard about this is because I’m sick and tired of all these people saying that Futanari is gay and I don’t want the Futanari genre/fetish to be ruined for me. I have liked this Futanari genre/fetish for almost 10 years now.

        Because Futanari is not gay. I sure would love to email that artist who made that bowsette image and complain. And complain to everyone else who says this about Futanari on Twitter and all the other websites.

        Futanari is literally just Female/Woman/Girl characters who have penises and testicles. So how is it Gay/Yaoi? Answer: it is NOT Gay/Yaoi. That’s it.

        • Alright yeah, its not yaoi, yaoi is about the male form/body. I think its all about what the audience wants, i dont want to see yaoi, i dont want to see men. I want to see the female body. I dont like men in real life and i dont want to see them in porn.

          But i wouldnt make a big fuss about it most sites i go to get those tags right.

  11. Hey Zhaque, what’s the most wholesome futa video that you juat cant forget about it? Mine is Greatm8 wow sylvanas and alexstraza. It’s so well made.

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