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These thumbnails are the tags for hentai porn in the Futa Blog and you can now find the latest comics/manga from the Futanari Comics section and updates about Futa Videos in the News page. Animated Gifs are in the blog, and you can write comments in the bottom of this page.

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Featured tags from the Rule 34 Blog:  

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News is here now.

If you post links down here in the comments they will appear after ive approved them.


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711 thoughts on “Welcome to Futapo!

  1. Hi Zhaque can u nake the random session more “random” what i mean is like make a cou Wich can randomize all arts

    • Yeah a random images page would be cool, but i would probably have to hire someone to do it because i would want that page to display images from posts only and not random comic pages and i dont know how to do that.

      Ill think about it.

  2. So every time i click something it show me a page of an porn site and my anti-virus go crazy can u fix this??
    (Btw ty Zhaque ur website is better than rule 34

    • I think i know which ad is doing that, Ill see if i can get it fixed. I dont want it to pop up so often either.

      Although for me its ONLY once every minute, its supposed to be once every 6 hours.

  3. Can we please get some Urethra Insertion, Urethral Fingering, Finger In Urethra, Sounding, Docking & Cock Vore(Even some Anal Vore too)? Then, in my respectful opinion this site will really get big.

    • With everything being in compilations, i don’t think so. Unless you’re talking about the comics. Either way its lots of work. I can think about it.

  4. *Test comment*

    I’ve been posting a few comments with links and they don’t seem to be appearing. Hopefully this will sort things out.

    • Well im on my computer so i just use ctr f and search for a tag using the browsers own search bar, on any page.

      Everything is in compilations/tags so you have to find a tag or find a comp and click on the blue tag link at the start of every comp.

      Or you can just look at the tags on the tag page.

      As for comics If i type “my hero academia comic manga” in the sites own search bar it does find them. So that works.

      Hmm yeah its not perfect. I should test it on my phone more.

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